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What Will You Learn Joining The Jedi Mind Tricks Mastermind?

How To Utilize The Power Of Growth Mindset Psychology

And Transform Your Number 1 Goal From Idea To Action,

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Who Is Adam Bowcutt

I'm fascinated by human behavior. I'm the author of The Psychology of Confidence; Jedi Mind Tricks and Other Powerful Life Hacks. I help leaders become effective entrepreneurs delivering a personalized leader to entrepreneur 12 week skills development program. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and love to travel connecting with others, as a catalyst, taking ideas to action and personal reality.

The values I hold close to my heart are Kindness, Service, and Trust. I truly believe human potential is unlimited with a powerful growth mindset. By thinking exponentially, with an abundance mindset, you can do anything in this one life you've been gifted with. 

My focus is helping young men, particularly with experience of depression and anxiety, use valuable psychological tools to lead an awesome life, on their terms. I have an Honors Degree in Psychology and Sociology from The University of Southampton, England.

I'm grateful to be awarded Coach of the Year at Perisher Snowsports, Australia. Best coaching performance for developing snowboarding skills within the Australian professional Snowsports industry. Also, Sales Representative of the Year at United Business Media, England. Awarded highest performance for media sales within the competitive business to business online and offline publishing industry.

When I'm not working hard and smart on creating live social media videos or writing articles I'm growing the business I co-founded, Xnforce, with heart and passion. I love connecting with like-minded people and having open and honest discussions about life, now, and into the future. I am a snowboarder and I love reading non-fiction books about business and psychology and much more. I practice daily mindfulness meditation that keeps me calm and increases self-awareness.

My life mission is to help save 500,000 lives from depression and suicide one life at a time by the foundation I created:

The Victory Against Suicide Organisation 

Adam Bowcutt

Why Should You Join?

Why will being a member of The Jedi Mind Tricks Mastermind

help you to achieve your goals?

12 Life & Business Changing Sessions

Weekly Connection, Communication & Certainty Sessions Via Zoom

Achievements, Challenges & Opportunities Supported Live Whilst Being Developed Using Our Jedi Mind Tricks Methodology.

Do You Want A Guarantee?

I Can't Guarantee You Will Succeed. Only You Can Do That For YOU!

I CAN Guarantee That If After Our First Jedi Mind Tricks Session Together, We Both Decide That You Will Be Unable To Fulfill The Tasks* Of The Mastermind, Then I Will Give You 100% Of Your Enrollment Fee Back To You.

*This Needs To Be A Mutual Decision Based Upon Clear Quantifiable Reasons Why You Cannot Achieve The Tasks

  • Health

    Build foundations of a strong health-focused mind
    Get a healthy physical weight approved by only you

  • Wealth

    Build foundations of a strong value mindset
    Get a value-adding sense of financial control and creativity

  • Happiness

    Build foundations of a strong happiness mindset
    Get happy every day and understand the reasons why!

  • The Tools

    Learn The Jedi Mind Tricks From The Master Adam Bowcutt Live!
    Discover how to integrate them into your everyday routine

  • Goals That Matter

    Learn How To Create Goals That Actually Matter.
    Discover why most people fail and how you can always succeed

  • Mastermind Magic

    My Top Secret Techniques That I Have Never Shared Before!
    And I may not share again. This is super secret knowledge.

Join the Jedi Mind Tricks Mastermind

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Fast Action Takers Bonus!

Part Of The Jedi Tricks I Have Learnt Over The Years Includes A Collection Of Special Life Changing Resources That Have Proven To Me Their Worth Time And Time Again. 

These Resources Alone Are Worth More Than The Investment In This Program. 

How To Receive Them?

It's Easy, Complete The Program To Receive This Special Combination Of Physical and Electronic Life Changing Resources Which Will Be Sent To You Upon Your Completion.